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Radical Americas Symposium 2016

Cajemé / Kahe'eme
("the one who does not stop to drink water"')

UCL Institute of the Americas
12th and 13th September
Decolonizing Americas

Registration now open

£65, concessions £25


The theme of this year’s Radical Americas symposium is ‘Decolonizing Americas’, acknowledging the long arc of struggle for freedom since the period of European colonization of the Western Hemisphere in the 15th century. Our collaborative effort will be to consider how histories within the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean converge and depart in relation to the experience of anti-colonial and decolonizing social movements, many of which continue today. We will also consider the ways that cultural efforts, collectives, art, and intellectual projects shape radical imaginaries of freedom.

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Contact us at: radicalamericas[a]gmail.com

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